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29 Oct

Dining en plein air

The Tiny Diner on an island picnic spot


As the warm season comes to a close, I wanted to note that one of the great pleasures of life is the "picnic."

What will I do during the long, cold months of winter? How will I keep my appetite up without the extra incentive of the sun and breeze? I think The Chef needs to take me on a few vacations this winter.

24 Feb

Comments on The Tiny Diner

On behalf of the Tiny Diner, this is just an administrative note to acknowledge that it seems to be kind of hard to comment on this site. I think that if you "Login" to post comments, you are supposed to be able to click on Join this Site from there and post. But I have come to realize that this doesn't always work. Any assistance from anyone with experience with Google Friend Connect would be appreciated.

-The Chef