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11 Dec

Kindred Spirit

Usually I don't suggest posts to other sites, but this one got my attention as clearly this 10-month-old shares a lot of my interests:

08 Dec

Menu Plans by The Tiny Diner

I have started planning meals for my family (mostly Phil, although he isn't always appreciative.) You may want to use my menu plan for today, so I am providing it to you in this informative video.


28 Nov


Me, on Thanksgiving, with a empty plate.


All I heard for weeks (or maybe even just days or even hours, I haven't learned to keep track of time yet) is Thanksgiving this and Thanksgiving that. The Chef maybe even said something like, "No, I am not making you Mac & Cheese. I am making you a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Deal with it."

And, what did I eat that evening? Nothing. Not one thing.

Might it be that I was offered food and I refused all of it? I don't recall.

27 Nov


Me with my buffet


Don't get the wrong idea from the title of this post: I am not looking to sample new and exotic foods. In fact, I pretty much have been going out of my way to avoid anything but food I know I already like. 

But, as I have been trying to explain to The Chef, when I am in the mood for a snack, I really can't settle on just one thing. So I have started requesting that she bring me "a selection of food."

The selections I like best feature something crunchy, something cheesy, maybe a dried fruit or two, and some gummy vitamins.

My Chauffeur thinks my requests are ridiculous and that I should just tell The Chef exactly what I want, but I refuse to be pinned down. The Chef was hired for her creativity. Let her earn her keep!


01 Nov

House to House Snack Shopping

inspecting the goods


Usually we go to the grocery store to get snacks. The Chef took me "trick-or-treating" the other night. It was much better than the shopping we usually do. 

Now don't get me wrong: there are some great things about the grocery store. Often we go to a store where I get a bread sample (which I love) and, in addition to food, there is a toy aisle I can browse.

But going door-to-door with a bag and a costume yields much better results. First off, I get to do it with my friends (The Chef NEVER brings my friends grocery shopping!) Secondly, we got a truly terrific amount of candy.

I have to admit, I don't like about 60% of the candy I received. But the 40% that I consider edible was well worth the trip.

05 Aug

Thinking Outside the Box

The Tiny Diner Using New Utensils 


The Chef is always trying to get me to use my fork and spoon. Or even the totally terrific fork/spoon/bulldozer combo I received from my very excellent Aunt A--.

But as you can see, I refuse to be hemmed in by traditional utensil use. I like to experiment. 

30 Jun

Tastes of Summer: The Park


 In my quest to experience all that summer has to offer (in terms of cuisine) I have been frequenting a park with a concession stand.

I have learned several things over my recent trips:

1. "Tiger's Blood" snow cones are not as yummy as they sound, although that has not stopped me from eating two of them.

2. Large ice cream cones can be challenging to eat and can, sometimes, result in ice cream inhalation problems.

3. The Chef is a pretty good valet. She almost always remembers to bring the correct number of moist towelettes to meet my post-snack needs. 

19 Jun

Tastes of Summer: The Pool

The Tiny Diner and a VERY Blue Slushee



This is the first entry in my new series of posts that explore the theme of summer eating.

The quintessential summer activity, at least for me, is time at the pool. Whether I am splashing at a colleague's house pool or at the local community center, the best part of any summer's day happens in the water.

Previous to a few weeks ago, I would have said that the best blue thing to drink at a pool was clearly in the pool. After all, it is readily available and so inviting. I have consumed great quantities of this beverage, to the chagrin of The Chef.

After I was given this new blue beverage (pictured at right) at my first day at the public pool, I have to revise my rankings. While cloyingly sweet after about halfway through the cup, the first tastes are divine.

09 Jun

Raw Food

Marshmallow Roasting


I had a new al fresco dining experience the other night, and it came to my attention that I might be a follower of the raw food movement.

My colleague, Miss P--, normally a gentle individual by 4-year old standards, engaged in some extremely barbaric activity. She skewered a marshmallow and stuck in in the fire. As you can see, it was one of the most traumatic events I have ever witnessed.

I refuse to eat food prepared in this atrocious manner. I will only eat raw marshmallows. I have issued a formal request to The Chef that "we not do that again."

18 May

Food as Medicine

The Tiny Diner Eats an Ice Cream Cone


I didn't realize that food has medicinal properties. But now I wholeheartedly believe that food can cure pretty much everything. The Chef says I am sounding sounding a bit New Age, and maybe that's true. It is the New Age Of Ice Cream, the wonder food.

Right before this picture was taken, I took a bit of a tumble (check out my knee.) The pain was pretty much unbearable. I thought I would never walk again. And then, I was given this chocolate ice cream cone. My feeling of health and well-being was restored. My knee never bothered me again. 

Others may extol the virtues of kale, coconut oil, paleo diets, or purges. I am here to tell you that ice cream will solve it all.