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30 Jan

On Eating “Take Out”

“The Chef” made it clear that she might, occasionally (but not often) wish to have the afternoon or evening off. Towards this end, she suggested that I sample the same fine fare I enjoy in the other meals she prepares for me, but in a sort of “take-out” container (a.k.a. a bottle.) I would receive the company of another member of The Chef’s retinue (Grandma, Dad, etc.) while I enjoyed my take-out repast.

I told The Chef that I would consider this request, and so we commenced on a test run. The Chef paced nervously in another room while I tried my “take-out” meal. But, alas, I was not that sold on the idea. The temperature and other aesthetic qualities of the meal were not up to my standards. And so, I refused.

It turns out The Chef was just using the containers that came with her take-out meal preparation device (made by Medela)! The containers were not carefully selected with my specific needs in mind. The Chef had to get more “take-out” containers to see if something else might meet my specific criteria. (I will tell you about my experience with those at another time.) Really, I have to stay on top of her to make sure these things are up to snuff!

27 Jan

On My Current Food Situation

Napping DinerI want to make it clear that by embarking on this journey, I am not in any way casting aspersions on my current food situation. I have been eating this way my whole life, and it suits me just fine. “The Chef” has been doing a great job of providing me with the number of meals and quantity per meal that I desire. In fact, as I will explain in another post, I am not 100% certain I need or want any other types of food! But The Chef assures me that I will enjoy the variety and that trying new things will keep me from being too “provincial” in my tastes.

<<<The Tiny Diner taking siesta after a particularly satisfying lunch.

25 Jan

Welcome to The Tiny Diner

The Tiny Diner with Spoon

Bonjour, I am the Tiny Diner. Until recently, I had considered spending my whole life as an “extreme locavore,” eating only that which is provided to me directly from “The Chef” (a.k.a. Mama.) However, as this food source starts to become erratic (“The Chef” would like to drink a cocktail occasionally) and as I develop new body parts (i.e. “teeth”) I have started to consider other food, outside my 2-3 foot local radius. Join me on my journey through the world of new food experiences.