Welcome to The Tiny Diner

25 Jan

The Tiny Diner with Spoon

Bonjour, I am the Tiny Diner. Until recently, I had considered spending my whole life as an “extreme locavore,” eating only that which is provided to me directly from “The Chef” (a.k.a. Mama.) However, as this food source starts to become erratic (“The Chef” would like to drink a cocktail occasionally) and as I develop new body parts (i.e. “teeth”) I have started to consider other food, outside my 2-3 foot local radius. Join me on my journey through the world of new food experiences.





This is a test of the new Tiny Diner commenting system (v. 2.0!) I hope, Dear Readers, you will forgive that my first attempts at comments went awry. The Tiny Diner loves comments and hopes to see more in the future!