New Poll! What Should I Wear?

07 Feb

A tie has been declared in the What Should I Eat First? poll, with Sweet Potatoes and Butternut Squash both garnering 26% of the vote.  The Chef has decided to be the tie-breaker, favoring the side of Butternut Squash. More on that in a post later this week.

My attention has now turned to more sartorial matters. Now that I am to "dine," what should I wear? I present, for your consideration, three candidates:

Monkey Bib

Candidate #1: The Monkey

With the wide variety of colors present in the design, it seems it would go with many of my outfits. Also, this get-up says "Fun," which I think we can all agree is an uplifting message.

Candidate #2: The "Savannah"

We will call this entry, The "Savannah," for the giraffes and elephants that adorn the bib. What's that you say? You don't think there are monkeys on the Savannah? Well, I wouldn't know. I am only 5 months old. Tell that to the textile designer.


Candidate #3:  Rock and Roll 

This is obviously the "coolest" of the three. And, not to sway anyone's vote, but it was given to me by My Favorite Advisor (a.k.a my sister).



#1 The Monkey

It looks like "The Monkey" would hold up best against squash stains!


I admit it, I voted in my own poll. I voted for the underappreciated Baboons of the Savannah. Thank you, Dear Reader (Mr. Herman), for pointing them out to me.