European Food Tour #1: The French Pastry

25 Sep

Brioche and Pain Chocolat


My next few posts will be about my recent travels to Paris and Barcelona, where I learned many new things about food and culture. 

I will start with my first, and possibly most important, observation: France has the whole pastry situation under control.

As you can see from my photos, I sampled an array of lovely treats, courtesy of my kind hosts, Monsieur T-- and Madame S--. These items bear no gustatory relationship to any previous pastry I have encountered. They are as unlike my usual morning bagel as an elephant is to a pug.

Also, my morning bagel does not feature chocolate, which is clearly an oversight.

Of all of these delights, I will note that my favorite is the tiny brioche with the little bits of sugar on top. I really enjoyed scraping the sugar off with my teeth, savoring it, and then digging in to the soft bread beneath. 

Eclairs and other Yummy ThingsI have asked The Chef to upgrade my morning pastry selection to include brioche, but she seems unable to provide this for me. Maybe a French Chef would have been a better choice than my current hire?