16 Oct




While in Paris, I had the opportunity to sample some items that I am told are controversial.

My first taste of the forbidden came while sitting by the Seine with mes amis (and The Chef). We encountered a delightful food festival where a foie gras sandwich was procured for me. Now I don't know if any actual illegal transaction took place, and I deny all knowledge of where the sandwich actually came from. I only know that it was a very good sandwich.

(The Chef has informed me that I should not expect foie gras sandwiches to appear on my plate with any regularity. I was thinking it would make a nice change from tuna.)

Later that same day, I was offered what looked like a rather innocuous (and tasty) glass of milk. Little did I know that I was sampling that most illicit substance: raw milk. As I have not been "weaned", I drink raw milk of another sort all of the time. Perhaps I should be more furtive when enjoying unpasteurized beverages.