03 Nov

While I have many more Parisian food experiences to share, I should start telling you about this other place I went: Barcelona. And I will begin with one of the biggest discoveries I made while there: some people eat after bedtime. Now, previous to this trip, I wouldn't have considered such a thing. But now I am a big fan.

While in Barcelona, I was able to go to an establishment I am told is called a "bar." Honestly, it looked a lot like another sort of place I am fairly accustomed to, the "café", with outdoor tables, space to run, lots of yummy things to eat, and drinks that the Chef won't let me have. There was just one main difference: IT WAS DARK.

I really relished the atmosphere and the food at the bar. I really liked running up and down the sidewalk in the dark. I also ate a great quantity of cheese, which I am told is called "Manchego." I have tried to get The Chef to provide some after-hours ambience and food service since we have returned home, but so far she has refused my requests.