30 Nov

Eating an Amuse Bouche


Recently The Chef brought me to a restaurant. It was a little different from our usual fare. When questioned, The Chef explained that we were at a "fancy restaurant" that had "one Michelin star."

Now I don't know very much about rating systems, but I am learning a thing or two about numbers. What I have learned is that "one" is actually not that much. If they want to impress me, I expect a restaurant to have at least one hundred and eight-forty million gillion stars. That seems like a lot.

That said, the "one star" restaurant was nice. They brought me fries, and there was a "pre-dessert" (pictured) that came before the dessert. There was also a "post-dessert" dessert course. I think three dessert courses is about right. The only thing that would have been better would have been four dessert courses.

On the strength of the number of desserts offered, I give them 12 billion stars in the Tiny Diner rating system.