15 Feb

So it appears the Chef thinks this "food" thing should happen every day! She plagued me with squash for two more days! At first I thought I might have to keep eating it until all the squash was gone. But this morning she showed up with something new.

It was oatmeal. 

Well, not really. It was "baby oatmeal", which the Chef says is not like baby peas, baby corn, or anything like that. It is not oatmeal that is really small and cute. It is oatmeal that is "easy to digest."

It looked like snot.

The first batch didn't seem all that tasty. The Chef mixed it with water. The second batch (a small experimental appetizer The Chef prepared before my usual lunch) was mixed with MF, and this was marginally better. 

However, both batches were EXCELLENT for blowing raspberries with! I really cannot tell you how delightful that slightly thick consistency feels against my lips as I blow it out onto the bib. It adds something, tonally, to my performance. They should change the design on the box that says "easy to digest" and replace it with "easy to expel through the lips while making a sound!" (Though I realize that might be rather long to fit on the front of the box.)