25 Feb

banana aftertasteSo for weeks now, all I have been hearing is "banana this" and "banana that". My staff natters on incessantly about bananas. So, yesterday they gathered around to get my opinion on their beloved fruit. As they stared at me expectantly, I sampled my first banana.

It was sticky and awful. I choked down a few bites, just in case it improved, but, alas, it only got worse.  I rendered my verdict: bananas are digusting. I would rather eat nearly anything to never have to endure that taste and texture catastrophe again.

So what happens today? Today they try to sneak bananas into my oatmeal!!! Maybe they had some extra they had to use up. Maybe they thought my sensitive palate could be fooled into eating more of their overhyped dreck.  I am not going to pretend to understand their rationale. I thought I was pretty clear in my pronouncement on the subject yesterday. 

So today, I added a new move to my repertoire to show my distaste. I did this clever little thing with my mouth, while looking aghast with my eyes. I think The Chef caught on to what I was trying to communicate right away. She called my maneuver a "gag". I didn't think it was that funny, but they did stop feeding me those dreadful bananas.


come on lil monkey, get with

come on lil monkey, get with the program!