March Food Round Up: Solids Extravaganza

02 Apr

Blueberry Applesauce Day


With the experience of February behind me, I decided it was time to "bust out" in March. Since I traveled a lot in March, a little more of my food was purchased by The Chef, rather than prepared (as is indicated below). 

Peas: Quite good! 

Pears Al Dente: Fantastic! Read my detailed review here.

Applesauce with Greek Yogurt: Bleh. I gave up being a Vegan for this? 

Blueberry Applesauce: Not bad. 

Apples and Apricots (jar): Delicious.

Pears and Raspberries (jar): Also, quite delicious. Basically, I am OK with nearly anything that contains Apples.

Cauliflower: Read my concise review here.

Butternut Squash and Corn (jar): As with all variants of Butternut Squash, it is good eating.

Green Beans (redux): The Chef has finally nailed this dish. Apparently the level to which the green beans are cooked doesn't meet with her personal preferences, but the textural improvements are hard to overstate.

Prunes, and also Prunes with Greek Yogurt: Nothing special. And the prunes didn't really help me "acquire" a taste for yogurt.

Vanilla Teething Biscuits: This dish is both great, but also a tad frustrating. The deliciousness of the biscuit doesn't really kick in until a few minutes into the eating experience. More instant gratification here would be appreciated. Also, I get the sense these are being used to keep me busy...

Blood Orange Soda (unsanctioned foodstuff, provided by the Chauffeur): Bubbly! Weird!

Roasted Yams with Olive Oil: Delightful!

Tomatos and Carrots (jar): Excellent. This combined all of the goodness of carrots with a certain "je ne sais quoi".*

By far my favorite dishes from this month are Deconstructed Apple Sauce (which consists of Apple prepared in the manner of Pears Al Dente) and The Chef's Morning Yogurt (other people's food tastes so much better!)

*Seriously, I don't know. What is a tomato?


limb situation

Mr. Diner

I find your lack of arms in this photograph disconcerting. In a future photo, please wave or salute, so we know all is well. Thank you.