February Food Round Up: First Tastes

02 Mar

The Diner and AppleAt the end of each month I would like to reflect on my new food experiences in a "round-up" post. Here is a list of my February foods. The Chef made some missteps, but some dishes earned my approbation:

Butternut Squash: perfectly tasty. This dish got better as the month wore on.

Baby Oatmeal: not as cute as I hoped, but mixes nicely with other foods. spittable.

Fork-Smushed Avocado: the rustic nature of this dish is lost on me.

Pureed Carrot (in a jar): fine.

Roasted Sweet Potato Puree with Olive Oil: divine

Smushed Banana: repellent.

Green Beans: too much texture. The Chef needs to refine this dish before presenting it again.

Pears (in a jar): pretty tasty.

Curried Butternut Squash: The addition of spice to my meals was a welcome change. I am hoping for something fancy next time. Saffron, perhaps?

Granny Smith Apple Slice: Who said I need a "Personal Feeder?" 


Regarding puree

Tiny Diner,

They are hiding a word from you that I will now reveal: N-U-T-E-L-L-A. If you can't say it, try writing it on your bib with curried squash.




Dear Reader,

I have seen The Chef furtively dipping into a jar with that writing on it! I will investigate! Many thanks,