Pears Al Dente: My Review

09 Mar

I am traveling this week, so opportunities for new food experiences abound. The first one I would like to mention is my recent taste of a dish I will call Pears Al Dente.

The Chef has on more than one occasion given me pears. As I mention in an earlier post,  I have found this to be a perfectly acceptable dish, but it isn't really anything outstanding.

As The Chef has purchased my other pears "off the rack" so to speak, I hadn't had much occasion to really experience the "pear-ness" of pears. But, this past weekend all of that changed. I had occasion to visit two colleagues and they have a delightful House Chef. As my colleagues have yet to be born, this House Chef was available to provide for my dining pleasure. 

She handed me this pear, pictured to the right. I had no idea pears were so lovely. Isn't this nicer looking than the jar? I tried to eat it right on the spot. But the House Chef coaxed me to try her special dish, Pears Al Dente. Apparently there is some "slicing" involved. I am not sure of all of the technical details of the preparation of the dish, but I was really able to get my teeth into the final product.  

Pears Al Dente is a fantastic dish and I recommend you try it sometime.