My Throne (Eating Out, Part Two)

27 Mar

The Tiny Diner, Enthroned


As I mentioned in my previous posts, March has been a big travel month. Accordingly, I have dined out quite a bit. One of the things I like best about dining out is that they bring me a throne.

How do I know it is a throne? Well, first off, I am the only one at the table who gets one. Also, I am nearly always placed at the best spot at the head of the table. And, all diners at my table turn to face me. 

It is gratifying that even when we are out and about, my prominence is recognized. In fact, I detect that sometimes waiters get a pained look when they see me coming, as if they are not sure their service will be up to my high standards.

Here I am in one of my thrones. Yes, my "Binky" is pink. Get over it.