My Recent Revelation

29 Mar

Eating Other People's Food


So about a week ago I had an amazing revelation. I have started to notice that a lot of other people eat food. Just like me!

Now, I am not sure that everybody eats food. As far as I know, it might be an exclusive group. (After all, it makes sense that I would belong to an exclusive  group.) 

I have noticed something else about the eaters surrounding me: they seem to be eating some really delicious looking food.

I know that The Chef calls my meals "solids," but I think she really needs to look up the meaning of the term. A lot of what I have observed is a lot more "solid" than my usual fare. And it looks delectable! I have, on a few recent occasions, asked to partake of these foods so that I might better familiarize myself with their properties. So far I have tried a noodle (delicious) and bread (even more delicious). 

I have suggested to the The Chef that she learn how to prepare some of these "more solid" foods for me in the future. In the meantime, I will be requesting samples directly from her plate (for research purposes, of course.)