My Drinking Problem

05 May

Me, Drinking

The other day, The Chef announced she was staging an "intervention."

Now if you have been reading my journal from the beginning, you know that I didn't find taking MF in a bottle (Take-Out Style) to be to my taste. I am a bit of a snob this way, but I really feel that service should have a "personal touch" and bottlefeeding just wasn't for me. 

Now that I am eating solids, The Chef had been providing me with a bottle filled with water every day. I found it was delightful to chew on. The cool water dripped on my chin, and the nipple is quite good for calming my sore gums. But drink out of it? No way. Well, I did once, but only because I was bored, and it seemed to be a good way to get everyone's attention.

I have also been provided with a sippy cup on more than one occasion. I like to hold it, but up-ending it so that the water reaches my lips is really too much bother. I have other more important skills to master, like crawling.

Now I don't necessarily see all of this as a problem. I think that I should just be allowed to sip water out of other people's cups whenever I ask for it, which I sometimes do every few minutes throughout any meal. I also like to lunge for people's glasses, sometimes spilling water all over them. 

Also, the Chef's intevention was a tad premature. She has admitted that she still doesn't know of any way to rehabilitate me.