Eggs: My Review

05 Apr


My personal entertainer (a.k.a. Aunt L) made me a "Hard-Boiled Egg Yolk" for breakfast the other morning. The Chef gave the whole thing to me without warning me about how crumbly it was going to be! In a matter of moments, I had the entire thing scattered into a thin layer on my dining table. While there were certain aesthetic advantages to this,  I had a nearly impossible time getting any of into my mouth. I think this proves that The Chef needs to think more about the "plating" for each dish, particularly for these items where she expects me to take part in the actual "feeding" part of the meal.

As for the egg itself? Well, it was basically edible, but a bit boring after the first few bites. I think maybe this would be a better appetizer than a main course.

This review is dedicated to my new colleague, P.F.I. who was born last Saturday.


An unsettling egg-related fact

They come from chickens. This can remain our secret for the time being.