On Eating “Take Out”

30 Jan

“The Chef” made it clear that she might, occasionally (but not often) wish to have the afternoon or evening off. Towards this end, she suggested that I sample the same fine fare I enjoy in the other meals she prepares for me, but in a sort of “take-out” container (a.k.a. a bottle.) I would receive the company of another member of The Chef’s retinue (Grandma, Dad, etc.) while I enjoyed my take-out repast.

I told The Chef that I would consider this request, and so we commenced on a test run. The Chef paced nervously in another room while I tried my “take-out” meal. But, alas, I was not that sold on the idea. The temperature and other aesthetic qualities of the meal were not up to my standards. And so, I refused.

It turns out The Chef was just using the containers that came with her take-out meal preparation device (made by Medela)! The containers were not carefully selected with my specific needs in mind. The Chef had to get more “take-out” containers to see if something else might meet my specific criteria. (I will tell you about my experience with those at another time.) Really, I have to stay on top of her to make sure these things are up to snuff!