Tasty Toes?

10 Apr



So this morning The Chef was nibbling on my toes. I will admit she has done this before, and I always thought it was kind of cute. After all, I nibble on my toes too. They are really attractive and somewhat irrestible.

However, now that I have noticed that The Chef also eats food, I admit to feeling some trepidation when she puts my toes in her mouth. Does she, perhaps, really mean to eat them? Is this "food" experiment she has me on more than it seems? Does she hope to fatten me (and my toes) up for some future purpose? 


Toes as food

Indeed. A recent news item invoived a man waking to find three of his toes simply gone. The official story is that he had an untreated infection down there, and his dog, following some instinct that in the wild would make sense, but is less necessary in civilization, ate them. I am not sure I believe this explanation as it appeared in a newspaper far less credible than my usual sources of information like The Tiny Diner. And also: one would wake up, right? Thankfully, you seem to notice during these bouts of nibbling. Though perhaps your feet are just closer to your ears than the other poor man's are. Or were. Anyway, I suggest sleeping with one eye open for the time being. If there's one thing a person can expect of a chef, it's a tendency to repeatedly taste things, often in ways that would inappropriate under the usual circumstances of polite society.