The Tiny Diner Work Out Plan

17 Apr

Working Out

You may have been asking yourself, how does the Tiny Diner stay in such good shape while having a personal chef attending to all of his food needs? How does he manage to stay so lithe while still eating 10 or so meals per day?

Let me introduce you to my special work out plan:

The Tiny Diner Ab Maneuver #1: Lie flat on your back (ideally, have someone put you there.) Try to reach the person who put you on your back. Strain your neck, lift your arms, and make sure you get your head and feet at least 2-3 inches off the ground.

The Tiny Diner Ab Maneuver #2: Very similar to Maneuver #1, but try it from your carseat and stroller, or anything with upper body restraints. Strain against the straps as if your life depended on it. Arch your back and lift your legs. 

The Upper Body Lunge: Have someone carry you around in a forward-facing baby carrier (Bjorn or similar). Lunge towards everything and anything that looks interesting. (Note: this may also have exercise benefits for the person carrying you as they counteract your forceful lunge.)

The Plank and Roll: Whenever you are moved onto your tummy against your will (due to the horrors of "Tummy Time") do a side plank and then use all of your strength to roll onto your back. Try not to rely on the weight of your oversized head to roll you over. Instead, focus on your arms and abs.

Perform each of these moves several times a day and I guarantee that you too will be in the 15th percentile in weight for your age in no time!