Unprepared Prunes: My Review

23 Apr



Over the last few days, I have had the pleasure of having some Unprepared Prunes, otherwise known as "Plums". On both occasions, this fruit was served in a circular shape, and I was encouraged to gouge bits of it off with my two razor-sharp teeth. This is much the same serving method as dishes such as Pears Al Dente or Deconstructed Applesauce

The plum itself was delicious. I was really able to get to quite a lot of it quickly given that it was softer than the two dishes I mentioned previously. The smooth skin serves as a perfect substrate to hold onto the uneaten plum, creating really very little mess. I would recommend Unprepared Prunes as a charming addition to any meal.

So, you may ask yourself, if I liked the dish so much, why do I look so concerned in this picture? Dear Reader, I discern in this dish a troubling trend: the expection that I will feed myself.

While eating this dish, my Personal Server (who also happens to be The Chef) was eating, rather than attending to any of my needs. I think The Chef's introduction of such dishes as Unprepared Prunes is an unwelcomed bellwether. If I really wanted to feed myself, would I have such an extensive staff?