Biting Disappointment

01 May


My two teeth

I have been long anticipating the arrival of new teeth so that I can "upgrade" my dining skills. The Chef has informed me that with additional teeth, I can move from my current mode of eating, which involves "gumming" and "gnawing", to a more advanced maneuver known as "biting."

The Chef isn't personally that excited by "biting" (for her own personal reasons, which remain unfathomable) but I have been looking forward to "biting" for sometime.

So it was with great delight that I learned of the arrival of a new tooth yesterday.

"Finally my "biting" can commence!" I thought. 

But, alas, apparently my teeth are gearing up for "enhanced gnawing" rather than biting. I refer you to the illustration below, so that you can share my keen disappointment. 

tooth situation