Puffs: My Review

07 Jun



Lately I have been eating some food called "Puffs". For those of you who are not babies (and I am guessing very few of you Dear Readers are) Puffs are basically air surrounded by some sort of crunchy, round, not-very-flavorful substance, usually with hole in the middle. According to The Chef, they have several benefits:

-I will not choke on them (as mentioned earlier, they are already mostly air)

-I am told they will help me with my "fine motor skills" 

-The Chef says they "entertain" me (I think she is overstating this a bit)

When I first encountered Puffs, I was actually somewhat irritated. First of all, I was asked to feed them to myself. Secondly, because I like to moisturize my hands with a liberal amount of drool, the Puffs tended to stick to my hands, making them nearly impossible to get into my mouth.

However, now that I have four months of eating experience behind me, I am finding that they really are quite lovely. Although they lack flavor, there is a certain sense of accomplishment to be had from the mere act of successfully eating them. I am told that this is what lobster is like, too.