10 Jun



See this happy picture of me? This was taken shortly after my In-House Entertainer (a.k.a. my Aunt) gave me some delicious new food! She said it was called "Chocolate."  

The Chef was on her phone at the time, so I wasn't immediately able to discuss with her why she had been withholding this fantastic foodstuff. 

At first I thought maybe it was because she was unfamiliar with chocolate. What other reason would there be for keeping it from me? Isn't she supposed to be providing me with the best food?

Later, upon reflection, I can remember incidences where she has been eating something and not sharing. I recollect a smell on her breath I can now positively identify as the distinctive cocoa aroma of this heavenly substance.

What is the result of this incident? Well, I am considering promoting my In-House Entertainer, and demoting The Chef.