The Tiny Diner Summer Vacation Snack Recommendation

24 Jun



Some of you might be looking for something to eat this summer. The Tiny Diner has a recommendation: Refrigerated Red or Green Grapes or, as I like to call them, "Globes of Joy."

I have been on the road this past week, first at my Summer Home and then in a Really Hot Place.  In both places, I have asked the Chef emphatically for Globes of Joy, and they have helped me keep my cool during some hot days.

You might be wondering how I ask for them. Do I speak? While Globes of Joy are top notch, I would not deign to speak for such a minor request. Instead I point and make my "I want" sound emphatically, all while leaning towards the Globes of Joy.

The Chef has a preparation I particularly like. Each Globe is sectioned in half, and then each half is then divided into 6 pieces.

I have had 12 Globes of Joy today.