Airport Food

02 Aug

Airport Food!


Later this week I will be embarking on yet another trip. To date, I have taken 11 airplane flights. Like most high profile, on-the-go people, I travel with members of my entourage, including The Chef.

The Chef brings along some of my usual favorites (Puffs, etc.) so that I don't get peckish on the plane. She also comes equipped with my favorite MF, which is great for take-off and landing.

On this last trip, I noted that The Chef purchases a "snack" for herself. As you can see pictured here, she let me play with this snack last time because the wrapper makes some crinkly sounds I really enjoy.

However, I think this time I am going to lobby The Chef to share some of this snack with me. After all, isn't part of travel enjoying some of the local delicacies? And from what I have observed, this snack seems to be readily available in airports everywhere.