Performance Art!

30 Aug


The Chef and I are having a little communication breakdown. She does not seem to understand that I am an artist. I have been performing this really deep performance piece now for three weeks, and she just isn't getting it (which is odd since I am told she went to a grad school that featured a lot of self-indulgent performance art.)

I start each piece in my high chair. This is symbolic of the "elevated" status that should be accorded to food in this country. I then start to eat my food, as I normally would during a mealtime.

When my audience seems lulled into complacency with my nice eating habits, I start the active phase of my performance.  One by one I throw the bits of food (and utensils, cups, etc.) over the side and onto the floor. This symbolizes how I am rejecting the cultural hegemony of our current forms of food production and consumption. 

Sometimes I throw to the right, sometimes to the left. I try to keep it spontaneous so the performance feels "fresh."

Somehow The Chef takes this personally. She doesn't understand that it isn't about the individual pieces of egg, cheese, or organic grapes that I let drop to the ground. It is about corn subsidies, monocultures, and genetically modified crops. I am pretty certain a more sophisticated audience would get my point.