When I was a baby...

06 Aug



... I ate as a baby.

As I approach the ripe age of one, I contemplate a textural shift in my eating habits. While I don't have a full complement of teeth yet, I feel like it is only right that I eat more age appropriate food. After all, I should be considered a toddler soon, so it makes sense that I will leave baby food behind.

What does this mean for my overall diet? Well, one thing I have really been cutting back on are purées. Sure, I dabble in the occasional sweet potato or butternut squash blend for old time's sake. But I am really much more interested now in chunks of eggs, cheese, and fruit.

I am especially interested in the new challenges posed by various foods. Noodles are interesting, particularly if long. And as you can see, tackling a whole apple gives me a situation where I can use all 8 teeth.



Forget the apple...

...tell me about the pajamas. That is undeniably righteous dinnerwear you're sportin' right there.