Purée Delight

10 Sep


Since I am now a year old, and I have 8 teeth, one might think I was done with purées forever. Indeed I rarely eat something with little texture as my main meal.

But I still have some interest in what I will call a "slurry snack." Sometimes I just want to eat as much as possible and get on with my day. More and more, The Chef has been giving me "off-the-shelf" purées for just these occasions. Of these, my favorites are Ella's Kitchen purées. They have interesting ingredients like parsnips, rutabaga, and raisins. Also, I am a fan of the packaging, and can pass a lot of  pleasant time trying to get the cap off of a tube.

I don't think I am alone in keeping a few purées in my diet. I am told that people with even more than 8 teeth eat things like "apple sauce" and "vichyssoise."

The Chef did come up with some great combinations in the days when purées were a mainstay. Expect to see a retrospective of my favorites in a new recipe section coming soon.