Generous? Moi?

27 Sep

Taste This For Me, Will You?



It has come to my attention that I have been getting undeserved credit for generosity.

The Chef and other members of my staff seem charmed when I hand them a portion of what I am eating. They seem to be under the misapprehension that I am sharing. While I appreciate the adoration and praise that attends this behavior, I feel I should clear up this misunderstanding of my actions.

While I might offer you a piece of my cookie or a sip of my milk, my intentions are not pure. And as I search your face after you nibble on whatever I have just given you, I am not looking for signs of delight or gratitude. I have but one aim: to determine if I should eat or should continue to eat whatever I have just given you.

In short, you are acting as my food taster. I am looking for signs that you are weakening or appear ill. This would cause me to stop eating my cookie, carrot, or other food item. I am equally interested to see if you make other faces that might lead me to believe that the food you have given to me is "yucky."  Thank you for providing this invaluable service.





This is somewhat off topic, but we are of the opinion you have the chef's eyes in this photo.