Molecular Gastronomy for Toddlers

08 Oct


Have you seen these things? They are called Fruit and Veggie Melts, and I am pretty certain they meet the criteria for "gourmet food." 

There are a number of reasons why I can tell the melts are fancy. First off, these melts are small. Everyone knows that places that serve great food serve small portions. And these are definitely small. The serving size is 4 pieces. (I can eat around 10 portions in about 10 minutes, left to my own devices.)

It is also quite trendy in the gourmet food scene to make one kind of food taste like another kind of food. They taste like raspberries but their first ingredient is butternut squash!

Finally, the texture is unlike any other food I have ever encountered. Novel texture is important to foodies. These melts are a sort of  "dried foam."  I have heard foams are big with molecular gastronomists. 



Apparently there are 4 servings of Fruit and Veggie Melts per bag. Not 4 pieces per serving. This means that a serving size is more like 25 pieces. This does make them seem a bit more like Cheetohs, and less like something from Alinea. Sigh.