Thanks for the Food

27 Nov

Turkey Day

Last year I had to content myself with "observer" status at Thanksgiving. This year I was tremendously grateful to have enough teeth to participate for the first time in this yearly, all-day food festival.

At first I was a little worried since a lot of the food appeared to be the same color. Normally I take this as a bad sign. But I was delighted by nearly every offering, including:

Orange Rolls: Fantastic! I had my eyes on these from the start of the meal and they did not disappoint.

Mashed Potatoes: Baby food for everyone! It is hard to go wrong here.

Yams: Now I have eaten a LOT of yams and sweet potatoes. I would go so far as to say this is a food I am an "expert" on. These seemed to have a little extra "kick". I would like to request that future dinner yams get the same brown sugar, maple, bourbon, and buttery treatment as these Thanksgiving yams.

There were other delicacies, but these were the ones that really held my attention. I extend hearly congratulations to the numerous staff members who prepared this fine meal for me.