15 Jan



I have started to really enjoy entertaining. While my staff is pleasant, sometimes I want someone of my own ilk to rub shoulders with. I find that afternoons are much more agreeable when I can share them with visitors such as the lovely Miss M----. *

However, all of my dining companions do have to be aware of an important policy: Bring Your Own Bottle. 

While I am delighted to share such cuisine as "cheese crackers" and "yogurt melts" with my guests, I have to draw the line at providing beverages.

First off, I don't care to share my one lone sippy cup or my Camelbaks. But more importantly, my number one beverage of choice is still Mama Food. While I suppose I could technically share this, I simply do not care to. 

Fortunately, most of my guests are quite discerning, and nearly all have their own private chefs, as I do. The Chef mentions that I might eventually mingle with people who have a less extensive staff, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

*Miss M--- is pictured at left. As you can see she is rapt as I share some Eric Carle with her.