Hanukkah Cuisine

05 Jan

Tasty Candles?


The Chef promised me some delightful-sounding Hanukkah food over the holidays, and then failed to deliver. Each night I waited to be presented with my first proper latke. 

When no Hanukkah treats materialized, I decided to help myself. Heading into the pantry, I immediately saw something that fit the bill. The box looked familar from Hanukkah. The design on the box looked like some other food items in the pantry. Knowing this, I decided to take the plunge and give this delicacy a shot.

Maybe it is an acquired taste? It seemed a bit flavorless (and I even tried several different colors!) And the texture? When she discovered my foray into the pantry, The Chef told me the word I am looking for is "waxy."

Passover best be better than last year is all I am saying.