Party Food

02 Feb

Check out me in a birthday hat


So I went to an afternoon event this past week, and I must tell you all about the food! While I am not sure that this is a fair generalization, I think you would do well to eat places where they give you a festive hat!

There were small round cakes with frosting, beautiful round sandwiches made with the stuff I ask The Chef to let me eat out of the jar, and cucumbers (which I don't care for at home, but are delightful in a party setting.)

I was never able to get a handle on exactly what the occasion was. I thought at first it might be some celebration for me. But as I received no gifts, I will assume it wasn't.

There was another fellow I hang out with sometimes who did seem to be sporting some new items, but I couldn't quite decipher what that might mean either. He did let me play with his truck.

In any case, the food was divine.