Silver Lining

10 Mar


For the past several days, I am afraid to say that I have succumbed to some sort of stomach ailment. How this came to be, I am not sure. Certainly, I had been experimenting with some local foods (i.e. a small rock in the backyard), and I had traveled extensively, exploring all surfaces wherever I went (you never know what treasures you will find if you are thorough), and I had perhaps been more lax than usual about The Chef's "no fingers in the mouth before bubbly hands" policy. 

Whatever the cause, I have been very off my food lately. My desire to sample even some of my most beloved snacks has been curtailed. Even Chocolate Milk holds no allure.

But in the darkness shines the culinary treasure known as "popsicle." This frozen treat has sustained me in my time of need. When feeling low, I have but to plaintively cry "popsic, popsic" in my sad, sick voice, and The Chef practically falls over herself to get one for me.

I may have to feel "sick" for a couple of extra days.