Shifting Priorities

24 Jun

Part of my Fleet


You may be thinking, "Has the Tiny Diner abandoned his culinary adventures?"

I assure you I have not! However, I have had some pressing responsibilities that have made new food experiences hard to come by.

I have been made head of a rather large and impressive fleet of trucks and assorted vehicles. This requires a lot of work on my part. In fact, it takes up most of my day. 

Since I have been so very engaged in the field of heavy machinery, I have had to simplify my diet to maintain my focus. Towards that end, I have decided to eat only the following foods: eggs, cheese, puffs, berries, apples, french fries,  tortillas, and the occasional piece of meat.  The Chef is eager for me to press forward with new tastes, but clearly she doesn't understand the pressure I am under.