Proper Dining Attire

17 Aug




It is my understanding that for many occasions, it is considered good form to wear a shirt. In fact, The Chef (also my personal style consultant) frequently makes me wear shirts.

However, since I have been sampling a number of tomato-based delicacies (pasta sauce, ketchup, etc.), I have found myself dining sans chemise.

It is really not dignified at all. 


Food, generally


Do not tell my father but I am using his computer. I do this often when the Talls are sleeping. I can only get them to sleep for three hours, do you have this problem? Anyway, I have followed your adventures for what seems like my whole life. I do wonder about your fascination with food. To me, reading about food is like reading science fiction: interesting as a thought experiment, but ultimately an exercise in escapism, and perhaps not healthy. To my question: in your adventures beyond the world of a milk-only diet, do you feel life has improved. Because honestly, I can't imagine what more one could want. Also, is it true some food is cold? Thank you.


Dear Maxwell

As always, it is great to hear from a colleague. Thanks for your thoughtful questions. The Chef, while I think she likes feeding me non-milk food, does not think her life has improved. She has mentioned something about "stinky diapers." On my part, however, I think the variety really helps mix things up. That said, I do think that most food is optional, and there are some days I just go for the old standby, milk. The Chef has mentioned a concept called "weaning" but I close my ears and pretend to ask for TV whenever she mentions it.

I completely understand the shock that is "cold food". However, I feel confident that, with time, you will find it to be quite entertaining. Popsicles, Ice Cream, and even plain Ice all have a certain allure that is hard to describe to the uninitiated.

Your friend,

The Tiny Diner