05 Aug

Thinking Outside the Box

The Tiny Diner Using New Utensils 


The Chef is always trying to get me to use my fork and spoon. Or even the totally terrific fork/spoon/bulldozer combo I received from my very excellent Aunt A--.

But as you can see, I refuse to be hemmed in by traditional utensil use. I like to experiment. 

30 Jun

Tastes of Summer: The Park


 In my quest to experience all that summer has to offer (in terms of cuisine) I have been frequenting a park with a concession stand.

I have learned several things over my recent trips:

1. "Tiger's Blood" snow cones are not as yummy as they sound, although that has not stopped me from eating two of them.

2. Large ice cream cones can be challenging to eat and can, sometimes, result in ice cream inhalation problems.

3. The Chef is a pretty good valet. She almost always remembers to bring the correct number of moist towelettes to meet my post-snack needs. 

19 Jun

Tastes of Summer: The Pool

The Tiny Diner and a VERY Blue Slushee



This is the first entry in my new series of posts that explore the theme of summer eating.

The quintessential summer activity, at least for me, is time at the pool. Whether I am splashing at a colleague's house pool or at the local community center, the best part of any summer's day happens in the water.

Previous to a few weeks ago, I would have said that the best blue thing to drink at a pool was clearly in the pool. After all, it is readily available and so inviting. I have consumed great quantities of this beverage, to the chagrin of The Chef.

After I was given this new blue beverage (pictured at right) at my first day at the public pool, I have to revise my rankings. While cloyingly sweet after about halfway through the cup, the first tastes are divine.

09 Jun

Raw Food

Marshmallow Roasting


I had a new al fresco dining experience the other night, and it came to my attention that I might be a follower of the raw food movement.

My colleague, Miss P--, normally a gentle individual by 4-year old standards, engaged in some extremely barbaric activity. She skewered a marshmallow and stuck in in the fire. As you can see, it was one of the most traumatic events I have ever witnessed.

I refuse to eat food prepared in this atrocious manner. I will only eat raw marshmallows. I have issued a formal request to The Chef that "we not do that again."

18 May

Food as Medicine

The Tiny Diner Eats an Ice Cream Cone


I didn't realize that food has medicinal properties. But now I wholeheartedly believe that food can cure pretty much everything. The Chef says I am sounding sounding a bit New Age, and maybe that's true. It is the New Age Of Ice Cream, the wonder food.

Right before this picture was taken, I took a bit of a tumble (check out my knee.) The pain was pretty much unbearable. I thought I would never walk again. And then, I was given this chocolate ice cream cone. My feeling of health and well-being was restored. My knee never bothered me again. 

Others may extol the virtues of kale, coconut oil, paleo diets, or purges. I am here to tell you that ice cream will solve it all.

10 Apr

Chopstick Mastery

Total Chopstick Domination



The Chef has totally been on my case lately to use my fork and spoon. She seems to think I can't use them properly yet. What she is failing to understand is that I am on strike from my fork and spoon until I am provided with a proper knife. I really can't do anything but use my fingers until such time that I am provided with an adequate cutting utensil.

So, imagine her surprise when I decided to use my chopsticks to eat this rice. I don't think she felt I went with a traditional approach to chopstick use, but I completely managed to get any number of bites into my mouth using my special Chopstick Mastery(patent pending) technique.

01 Mar

The $250 Popsicle

Eating a Popsicle


My parents took me to a very strange restaurant last night. I suppose they wanted to "re-educate" my palate. This past week I have been sampling some items they say are "not food." (I think this is due to a failure of imagination on their part. More on that in another post.)

Anyhow, the restaurant had pretty much zero ambiance. The seating was pretty comfortable, although they didn't seem to have any booster seats or high chairs. The waiters were all dressed in what I can only guess is some kind of alternative formal wear.

The featured dish must have been a rare delicacy, although it seemed pretty mundane to me. The Chef said it cost $250! It was purple, and I am told it was supposed to taste like grape.

03 Feb

The Art of Entertaining

Tea Party



Do you ever get the feeling that your guests aren't fully appreciating your efforts? (The Chef says she feels that way all the time.)

While I prefer to be served, occasionally I do entertain. My recent guest seemed to doze off. So I drank his tea and ate his bagel.

02 Jan

Tired Diner

Tired Diner



I have been meaning to post about more of my recent food experiences, but as you can see from this picture, I am suffering from extreme post-holiday fatigue.

Today I was snacking on the way back from my morning outing. I was in the middle of discussing some of the finer points of bouncy houses with my colleague (and backseat companion), Ms. M--. And I fell asleep mid-graham cracker. This is a first for me.

The Chef says that if I woke up after 5:30 AM, like "normal" people, this wouldn't happen. Apparently she doesn't enjoy the beauty of the sun rise as much as I do.

Happy new year,  dear readers. I hope you are all getting enough naps.

10 Dec

Winter Delicacy

Yummy Snow




If you haven't already sampled this wintery delight, I strongly recommend you try eating some snow.

What I like about snow is that distinctive crunch coupled with the accompanying sensation of cold. There are some subtle flavor differences depending on where the snow was harvested. My favorite comes from the front lawn, where I can detect the slightest hint of green grass, combined with an overtone of mulch. Snow also feels nice on my emergent molars.

While supply seems fairly plentiful to me, The Chef tells me that this is a seasonal offering, not available in all areas. So eat up now!