24 Jun

Shifting Priorities

Part of my Fleet


You may be thinking, "Has the Tiny Diner abandoned his culinary adventures?"

I assure you I have not! However, I have had some pressing responsibilities that have made new food experiences hard to come by.

I have been made head of a rather large and impressive fleet of trucks and assorted vehicles. This requires a lot of work on my part. In fact, it takes up most of my day. 

Since I have been so very engaged in the field of heavy machinery, I have had to simplify my diet to maintain my focus. Towards that end, I have decided to eat only the following foods: eggs, cheese, puffs, berries, apples, french fries,  tortillas, and the occasional piece of meat.  The Chef is eager for me to press forward with new tastes, but clearly she doesn't understand the pressure I am under.

28 May

A Short Review









Cupcakes are terrific. That is all.


13 May

Food Connoisseurship

I am one with the yogurt.



The Chef doesn't really seem to appreciate that to really get the most out of your food, you really need to experience it fully

I understand that wine-tasters are encouraged to roll the wine around on their tongue to get the full impact of the flavor. The same is true with, say, yogurt. By why limit the spread to just the tongue? 

To really get the most out of your food, it helps to feel it with both hands. Sure, I now have the manual dexterity to daintily dip into my yogurt with a spoon. But why would I when I can GRAB the yogurt with both hands? This approach to food creates a sensory experience that enhances the flavor of the food. Plus, it is fun.

17 Apr

Cuisines of Other Cultures, Part Two

I have been meaning to share some of my research with my readers. Here is a short clip of my work on Panda Eating Habits.

29 Mar

Cuisines of Other Cultures

Panda Eating Bamboo


Lately I have been interested in exploring the way others choose to eat.  I feel that this is a lens through which I can learn to appreciate other cultures and traditions, thus broadening my horizons.

Toward that end, I have been trying to help with my friends' mealtimes as much as possible. For example, I make sure that I feed my panda every time I see him. The Chef has warned that I need to be "gentle" with the bamboo plant, but online footage of pandas in nature lead me to think she is wrong about my panda's preferred eating habits.


10 Mar

Silver Lining


For the past several days, I am afraid to say that I have succumbed to some sort of stomach ailment. How this came to be, I am not sure. Certainly, I had been experimenting with some local foods (i.e. a small rock in the backyard), and I had traveled extensively, exploring all surfaces wherever I went (you never know what treasures you will find if you are thorough), and I had perhaps been more lax than usual about The Chef's "no fingers in the mouth before bubbly hands" policy. 

Whatever the cause, I have been very off my food lately. My desire to sample even some of my most beloved snacks has been curtailed. Even Chocolate Milk holds no allure.

But in the darkness shines the culinary treasure known as "popsicle." This frozen treat has sustained me in my time of need. When feeling low, I have but to plaintively cry "popsic, popsic" in my sad, sick voice, and The Chef practically falls over herself to get one for me.

I may have to feel "sick" for a couple of extra days.

26 Feb


Happy Customer



So recently I have learned that if I order my food by name, rather than just pointing and grunting, I receive much better service. 

Probably the biggest improvement is that I can ask for things that aren't in front of me. Some favorite (and frequent requests) I make are for:





Sometimes I just like to ask to have the refrigerator opened. Often I don't want anything at all, but I like to browse and learn the names of new foods. You never know when you might need some capers or uncooked beets.


*I am told my pronunciation on this item is a little off. However, I find that I still receive prompt delivery despite this.

12 Feb




As you might remember from my previous post about Dental Hygiene, all of this eating necessitates taking care of my pearly whites, which are ever-more numerous as the weeks wear on. 

To keep my teeth in their pristine condition, I have started to experiment with dental floss. It makes a pleasant sound when it unwinds from the package and it tastes minty. I have even managed to put some of it between two of my teeth. 

My Personal Trainer and Stylist (a.k.a. The Chef) says this really isn't necessary yet since none of my teeth actually touch one another. 


02 Feb

Party Food

Check out me in a birthday hat


So I went to an afternoon event this past week, and I must tell you all about the food! While I am not sure that this is a fair generalization, I think you would do well to eat places where they give you a festive hat!

There were small round cakes with frosting, beautiful round sandwiches made with the stuff I ask The Chef to let me eat out of the jar, and cucumbers (which I don't care for at home, but are delightful in a party setting.)

I was never able to get a handle on exactly what the occasion was. I thought at first it might be some celebration for me. But as I received no gifts, I will assume it wasn't.

There was another fellow I hang out with sometimes who did seem to be sporting some new items, but I couldn't quite decipher what that might mean either. He did let me play with his truck.

In any case, the food was divine.

15 Jan




I have started to really enjoy entertaining. While my staff is pleasant, sometimes I want someone of my own ilk to rub shoulders with. I find that afternoons are much more agreeable when I can share them with visitors such as the lovely Miss M----. *

However, all of my dining companions do have to be aware of an important policy: Bring Your Own Bottle. 

While I am delighted to share such cuisine as "cheese crackers" and "yogurt melts" with my guests, I have to draw the line at providing beverages.

First off, I don't care to share my one lone sippy cup or my Camelbaks. But more importantly, my number one beverage of choice is still Mama Food. While I suppose I could technically share this, I simply do not care to. 

Fortunately, most of my guests are quite discerning, and nearly all have their own private chefs, as I do. The Chef mentions that I might eventually mingle with people who have a less extensive staff, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

*Miss M--- is pictured at left. As you can see she is rapt as I share some Eric Carle with her.