29 Mar

My Recent Revelation

Eating Other People's Food


So about a week ago I had an amazing revelation. I have started to notice that a lot of other people eat food. Just like me!

Now, I am not sure that everybody eats food. As far as I know, it might be an exclusive group. (After all, it makes sense that I would belong to an exclusive  group.) 

I have noticed something else about the eaters surrounding me: they seem to be eating some really delicious looking food.

I know that The Chef calls my meals "solids," but I think she really needs to look up the meaning of the term. A lot of what I have observed is a lot more "solid" than my usual fare. And it looks delectable! I have, on a few recent occasions, asked to partake of these foods so that I might better familiarize myself with their properties. So far I have tried a noodle (delicious) and bread (even more delicious). 

I have suggested to the The Chef that she learn how to prepare some of these "more solid" foods for me in the future. In the meantime, I will be requesting samples directly from her plate (for research purposes, of course.)

27 Mar

My Throne (Eating Out, Part Two)

The Tiny Diner, Enthroned


As I mentioned in my previous posts, March has been a big travel month. Accordingly, I have dined out quite a bit. One of the things I like best about dining out is that they bring me a throne.

How do I know it is a throne? Well, first off, I am the only one at the table who gets one. Also, I am nearly always placed at the best spot at the head of the table. And, all diners at my table turn to face me. 

It is gratifying that even when we are out and about, my prominence is recognized. In fact, I detect that sometimes waiters get a pained look when they see me coming, as if they are not sure their service will be up to my high standards.

Here I am in one of my thrones. Yes, my "Binky" is pink. Get over it.

24 Mar

Cauliflower: My Review

In a word: yuck.

18 Mar



I happened to be in my sedan chair (a.k.a. my Baby Bjorn) touring the kitchen today when The Chef happened to open the freezer.  

And what do I see? Something I am sure she did not intend for my eyes: my custom-made MF, all frozen in neat containers! I promptly confronted her about this.

It turns out The Chef has been skimming some off the top! She has shamelessly admitted that from time to time she stashes some of the MF away.

She claims that this will be used to either provide “Take-Out” for me, or it will be used as an ingredient in some dish she prepares for me. I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. But I will be watching her like a hawk!

17 Mar

Interesting Link

I have been informed by the Chef that you, my readers, might enjoy this post from the blog Hobson's Choice on "The Eating Habits of The Young Human Mammal."  Personally, I can't read, so I couldn't say for sure if it is interesting. But The Chef reads a lot, so I am passing along her recommendation.

13 Mar

Eating Out (Part One)


As I mentioned in my last post, The Chef and I traveled last week. Several times during my meals this past week The Chef said to me,

 "You know what I think would be great? It would be great if you could just concentrate while you are eating."

Apparently she gets a bit miffed when I raise my head from eating to gaze around the room. When eating out, I sometimes like to do this repeatedly every few seconds during a meal. After all, we are traveling!  And there might be something new and different I might miss!

When I pointed this out, The Chef said my curiousity during mealtimes makes her feel "exposed."

Doesn't she want me to learn from and enjoy my new surroundings? I am getting mixed messages here.

09 Mar

Pears Al Dente: My Review

I am traveling this week, so opportunities for new food experiences abound. The first one I would like to mention is my recent taste of a dish I will call Pears Al Dente.

The Chef has on more than one occasion given me pears. As I mention in an earlier post,  I have found this to be a perfectly acceptable dish, but it isn't really anything outstanding.

As The Chef has purchased my other pears "off the rack" so to speak, I hadn't had much occasion to really experience the "pear-ness" of pears. But, this past weekend all of that changed. I had occasion to visit two colleagues and they have a delightful House Chef. As my colleagues have yet to be born, this House Chef was available to provide for my dining pleasure. 

She handed me this pear, pictured to the right. I had no idea pears were so lovely. Isn't this nicer looking than the jar? I tried to eat it right on the spot. But the House Chef coaxed me to try her special dish, Pears Al Dente. Apparently there is some "slicing" involved. I am not sure of all of the technical details of the preparation of the dish, but I was really able to get my teeth into the final product.  

Pears Al Dente is a fantastic dish and I recommend you try it sometime.

07 Mar


Dear readers, it has just now come to my attention that I am being trendy

Honestly, I was aghast at first. I thought I was being quite original in my food intake. However, it appears I am treading on much-trodden ground! Celebrities (who are not babies!) apparently go on baby food diets all time time! Rumor has it that Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and others eat nothing but pureed baby food all day. Just like me!

This leads me to believe that these celebrities don't have teeth (which I am told can happen to non-babies.) That is so sad.

On the positive side, I am feeling quite au courant.

02 Mar

February Food Round Up: First Tastes

The Diner and AppleAt the end of each month I would like to reflect on my new food experiences in a "round-up" post. Here is a list of my February foods. The Chef made some missteps, but some dishes earned my approbation:

Butternut Squash: perfectly tasty. This dish got better as the month wore on.

Baby Oatmeal: not as cute as I hoped, but mixes nicely with other foods. spittable.

Fork-Smushed Avocado: the rustic nature of this dish is lost on me.

Pureed Carrot (in a jar): fine.

Roasted Sweet Potato Puree with Olive Oil: divine

Smushed Banana: repellent.

Green Beans: too much texture. The Chef needs to refine this dish before presenting it again.

Pears (in a jar): pretty tasty.

Curried Butternut Squash: The addition of spice to my meals was a welcome change. I am hoping for something fancy next time. Saffron, perhaps?

Granny Smith Apple Slice: Who said I need a "Personal Feeder?" 

01 Mar



The Chef has informed me that  I am a vegan!

I had no idea. The Chef asked me to reflect on my diet.  And she has a point. I have had no dairy, meat, or eggs. I brought up the issue of MF, but The Chef assures me that she thinks vegans don't count breastmilk as dairy. (But she said she wasn't 100% certain on this point.)

Dear readers, does this make me cool?